Chrome Ore Stock in Chinese port till April 7

  • Sunday, April 09, 2017

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[Fellow]Chrome ore stock in port seems in high level..

Report of Chrome Ore Stocks At China Ports 08 April 2017 (Report by Mabroor Ahmed, Representative Pakistan) According to the reports by the China Customs, Chrome Ore Traders and others that Chrome ore stocks at the busiest ports of China decreased by 155K tons to 1.688 million tons in the week ending.


Chrome ore stocks at Lianyungang in the NORTHEAST JIANGSU Province are 105,000 tons, up by 5,000 tons from 100,000 tons week earlier. Stocks at Tianjin, is down by 80,000 tons to 1,150,000 tons from 1,230,000 tons. Stocks at Zhanjiang decrease 5,000 tons to 39,000 tons; and Shanghai's stocks are down by 45,000 tons to 105,000 tons.


Chinese chrome ore stocks are mainly in Shanghai and Tianjin. The rapidly decreasing is a result of less chrome ore imports at China in March 2017.


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