Smelters Suffering , Acting to Survive

  • Friday, March 23, 2018

  • Keywords:Silicon Manganese,Ferro Manganese smelters
[Fellow]Smelters Suffering , Acting to Survive

[]At present, the price of manganese ore  has jumped up tremendously since last November,  Chinese Silicon Manganese and Ferro Manganese smelters have suffered huge expenses , while  the Prices of Silicon manganese in Spot and Zhengzhou Commoditiy Exchange  future market are  being pressured by speculators, and prices in both spot and future markets are decending. Smelters are facing  huge risk if such situation last for sometimes.


In order to keep the steable and avoid the prices of Mn ore and SiMn heavily  flatterable , major Smelters from the Chinese Manganese Alloys Committee agreed to cut down their production volume  by 10%-50% from April. and  expected other plants could also restrict their productions supply.


The restriction of producing Managnese Alloys is to reduce the the production  and reduce the consumption  of the manganese ore. Hope that action will keep manganese industry in the safe and order circumistances.

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