Ukraine's ferroalloy exports fell by 39.1% in February

  • Friday, March 12, 2021

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[Fellow]Ukraine's ferroalloy exports fell by 39.1% in February to Ukrainian customs data, in February this year, Ukrainian ferroalloy producers exported 42,900 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 39.1%. In terms of value, Ukraine’s ferroalloy exports fell 26.3% year-on-year to 49.9 million U.S. dollars that month.

Overall, during the January-February period of this year, Ukrainian ferroalloy exports fell by 36.4% year-on-year to 88,400 tons. In terms of value, Ukrainian ferroalloy exports fell 31% year-on-year to 97.5 million US dollars. In particular, the supply to Turkey accounted for 18.2% of the total value, while Italy and Poland accounted for 14.6% and 14.4%, respectively.

According to earlier reports, as of 2020, Ukraine’s ferroalloy exports reached 626,600 tons, a decrease of 25% year-on-year. 

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