Nippon Steel Engg Starts Denitration Facility at BNA CGL in China

  • Tuesday, July 20, 2021

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[Fellow]Nippon Steel Engg Starts Denitration Facility at BNA CGL in China


Nippon Steel Engineering Co Ltd last month said that it has completed construction of the No 4 Continuous Galvanizing Line denitration facility ordered by Baosteel NipponSteel Automotive Sheet Co Ltd in Baoshan District in Shanghai. The Facility has smoothly commenced operation. With the tightening of NOx gas emissions regulations by the Chinese government, the catalytic denitration facility was newly installed on the radiant tube heating furnace's combustion exhaust system with the objective of reducing the amount of NOx emissions from NSE's No 4 CGL, delivered in 2015. NSE contracted the design of the denitration facility set, produced the devices (catalyst, blower, and electrical items), and the supervision of the adjustments made during installation and test run.
It was a difficult project carried out amid concern of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we received the high recognition of our customer by achieving the following two matters.
Minimization of the scope of remodelling and shortening of the construction period - By utilizing a space-saving design that adopted a configuration wherein a catalyst unit reaction tower were shipped in pieces to be assembled on site, we achieved minimization of the scope of remodelling the existing line as well as the shortening of the construction period.
High, stable denitration performance - Achievement of high, stable denitration performance through control of the ammonia injection amount into one tailored to the operational characteristic of a continuous annealing furnace for steel sheets and an ammonia diffusion structure.
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