DXN Steel donated anti-epidemic materials to Indonesia!

  • Monday, August 2, 2021
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[Fellow]DXN Steel donated anti-epidemic materials to Indonesia!

【Ferro-alloys.com】Recently, the new crown epidemic in Indonesia has spread rapidly, and the number of new confirmed cases and deaths has risen sharply. It has been listed as a severely affected area in the world, and the Indonesian people are in a hot water. As a local Indonesian company, DXN Steel keeps its corporate social responsibility in mind and is the first to extend a helping hand to Indonesian compatriots.

For this material donation work, the bulk team was responsible for the entire process and proceeded quickly from the signing of the contract to the export declaration to the on-site inspection and the design of the international logistics plan. Under the instructions of the senior leaders of DXN Steel, the procurement and delivery of materials were completed with high quality and efficiency. The first batch of materials donated to Indonesia arrived in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, on July 29, with a total of 300 oxygen generators and 60 ventilators.

A material donation ceremony was held at KLOG Park in Jakarta on July 30. Participated in the donation ceremony Ayodhia Kalake, Deputy Minister of Ocean and Investment Affairs of Indonesia, and Jona, Assistant Minister, attended the ceremony. The company's deputy general manager Zhang Fushan and the head of the bulk purchasing department Li Can attended the donation ceremony.

After the donation ceremony, Mr. Zhang communicated with Ayodhia Kalake, Deputy Minister of Ocean and Investment Affairs of Indonesia. Mr. Zhang said: DXN Steel has taken root in the fertile soil of Indonesia and gradually developed and grown. When Indonesian compatriots need help, we should be grateful to overcome difficulties with Indonesia. Deputy Minister Ayodhia Kalake also said that since the epidemic spread in Indonesia, DXN Steel has donated materials to the Indonesian government many times and expressed gratitude to DXN Steel for the donations.

Afterwards, the two parties exchanged views on the development and prevention and control of the epidemic in Indonesia. DXN Steel attaches great importance to the health and safety of each employee during the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, and has made great improvements in the convenience of food, clothing, housing and transportation in order to prevent and control the epidemic. From production to operation, the company has not been affected by the epidemic. DXN Steel is based in Southeast Asia and has developed rapidly in the past two years. We are obliged to seek more benefits for the local people.

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