China Becomes a Major Consumer of Manganese Ore

  • Tuesday, March 14, 2023

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[Fellow]China Becomes a Major Consumer of Manganese Ore

[] The Annual Report of the International Manganese Association EPD Conference (2022) (hereinafter referred to as the Report) was released in Nanning, Guangxi on the 9th. The Report points out that China is a major consumer of manganese ores. Affected by the dual control policy of energy consumption, China's silicomanganese alloy and electrolytic products will decline to varying degrees in 2022. However, with the vigorous development of new energy, the application of manganese in new energy has been greatly increased.

According to the Report, global consumption will recover slowly in 2022. The global manganese output will reach 58.8 million tons. The main producing countries are South Africa, Gabon, Australia, etc. Gabon surpassed Australia for the first time.

According to the Report, the output of manganese ore in China will reach 6.45 million tons in 2022, of which Guangxi, Guizhou and Hunan are the top provinces. Manganese ore is mainly used in the steel industry, and more than 90% is used in the production of silicomanganese alloy and ferromanganese alloy. The remaining manganese ore is mainly used for the production of electrolytic manganese dioxide, manganese sulfate and other products (calculated by metal content).

It is worth noting that from the consumption of manganese ore in China in 2022, the application of manganese in lithium ion batteries has increased significantly, more than 1%.

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