The BaSi Price Decreased Slightly

  • Thursday, August 15, 2013
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[] The BaSi price enhanced slightly because of supply tightness in July. In August, the supply tightness was relieved, the price started to go down slightly.
So far, the BaSi 1-3# was offered at RMB6,500-6,600/mt(USD1,065-1,081/mt, EX-WORK,VAT) in Gansu and Henan province. The price was RMB8,200/mt (USD1,344/mt, EX-WORK, VAT) in Ningxia. The BaSi4-6# offer was RMB 6,600-6,800/mt (USD1,081-1,114, EX-WORK, VAT), The price was RMB8,300/mt (USD1,360/mt, EX-WORK, VAT) in Ningxia. The BaSi28# was offered at 7,300-7,350/mt (USD1,196-1,204/mt,EX-WORK,VAT)inGansu,RMB7,000-7,100/mt(USD1,147-1,163/mt,EX-WORK,VAT)in Henan and RMB7,100-7,200/mt(USD1,163-1,180/mt, EX-WORK,VAT) in Shanxi. The BaSi30# price wasRMB7,400-7,450/mt (USD1,213-1,229/mt, EX-WORK, VAT) in Gansu, RMB7,400/mt (USD1,213/mt, EX-WORK,VAT) in Ningxia and RMB 7,200-7,300/mt (USD1,180-1,196/mt, EX-WORK,VAT) in Shaanxi.
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