BaSi Market Stabilized Likely to Remit Supply Tension

  • Friday, August 23, 2013
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[], In the middle of August, BaSi domestic market gradually quite down, the tight of supply has remitted. Inquiry was not prosper than before. BaSi companies said that the current product situation was normal, the recent price remained stable.
[] recently BaSi1-3# quoted at RMB6400-6600/t, Ningxia was RMB8300-8400/t, and Jiangsu was RMB8900/t, the price of BaSi28# was RMB6600-6800/t in Gansu and Henan. Ningxia was RMB8300-8400/t, Henan was RMB7000-7100/t, Jiangsu was RMB9100-9200/t, In Inner Mongolia was RMB7300-7400/t, and Shanxi was RMB7100-7200/t, The price of BaSi30# was RMB7450-7500/t in Gansu, Henan was RMB7200-7300/t, Jiangsu was RMB9200-9300/t, Ningxia was RMB7400/t, and Shanxi was RMB7200-7400RMB/t.
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