Transnet filed a force majeure statement against the port terminal

  • Tuesday, August 3, 2021

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[Fellow]Transnet filed a force majeure statement against the port terminal

【】Transnet SoC Co., Ltd. (Transnet) will lift the force majeure announced by the Cape Town, Durban, Nkula and Port Elizabeth Container Terminal Port Operations Department from August 2, 2021.

Transnet believes that it can now reliably provide services to customers and fulfill all contractual obligations.

The increase in force majeure occurred after the phased restoration of the NAvis N4 terminal operating system at the container terminal.

The force majeure statement will be effective from Thursday, July 22, 2021, after Transnet experienced a cyber attack that forced the operation to be performed manually.

In terms of operation, the port terminal will continue to implement the berthing principle of the container operation contract at the container terminal. This is currently the most practical way to normalize shipping companies that operate and maintain free port schedules. 

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