New standard of rebar forbids “temprimar” technology and will increase the demand for vanadium alloy

  • Friday, February 09, 2018

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[Fellow][] It was learned that New Standard of Hot rolled ribbed bar (rebar) has already been released in China

[] It was learned that New Standard of Hot rolled ribbed bar (rebar) has already been released in China, (new standard number: GB/T 1499.2-2018, instead of the old standard: GB/T 1499.2-2007), and the specific implementation time is November 1, 2018. New metallographic organization inspection regulations, macroscopic metallography, section vickers hardness, bystanders and inspection methods are included in the new industry standard, aimed at forbidding circulation of temprimar bars in the market by the industry standard.

China has compulsively implemented high-tensile rebar since the end of 2012, steel mill not only can enhance intensity of rebar through adding vanadium alloy in the production process, but also can produce high-tensile rebar through “temprimar” technology, which can reduce the content of alloy element for reducing production cost and increase economic benefit. The rebar through “temprimar” will be an obvious increase in the tensile strength and yield strength. Although the rebar with “temprimar” can reach the standard on the aspect of strength, and cost is saved much, it is easy rusty and its strength is easy to exhaustion that its function on the building concrete is beyond comparison with the function of former. Thus, state-owned steel mills and large-sized private steel enterprises mostly adopt the former technology, and small and medium-sized private steel mills mostly adopt the“temprimar” technology.

Thus it can be seen that rebar through the production of “temprimar” will gradually lose market after implementation of the new standard in rebar steel industry in the future, small and medium-sized steel mills have to adopt the manner of adding vanadium to produce rebar, which will bring raise effect on the demand for manganese alloy, especially vanadium alloy in the rebar in the following period.

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