Hanwha Group helps combat river pollution in Vietnam

  • Monday, June 10, 2019
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[Fellow]Hanwha Group helps combat river pollution in Vietnam

Hanwha Group reaffirmed the company's commitment to spread awareness on environmental issues and help local communities in Vietnam, by donating two solar-powered boats to tackle river pollution, the company said Thursday.

To mark World Environment Day on June 5, Hanwha Group launched a "Clean up Vietnam-Mekong" campaign in Vinh Long Province in Vietnam in collaboration with the Vietnam Environment Administration and the Global Green Growth Institute.

Aside from encouraging public engagement in tackling water pollution, the company donated two solar-powered boats with the aim to combat pollutants floating on the Mekong River.

Powered by Hanwha Q Cells' Q.Peak solar modules, the donated boats will be used to collect waste on the Mekong without emitting any greenhouse gases or other pollutants, according to the firm.

The boats are developed to be extremely silent to cause minimal disturbances to wildlife.

"As the world's top solar energy provider, Hanwha is contributing to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals through sustainable environment initiatives that utilize clean energy," said Choi Sun-mok, president of the Hanwha Communications Committee.

"In Vietnam, we will set up an infrastructure that will change the way sustainable environment initiatives are undertaken in a fundamental and environmentally friendly manner."

Over 70 million residents rely on the Mekong River as their main source of water, but the indiscriminate discharge of sewage and waste has turned it into one of the world's 10 most polluted rivers.

Only a small amount of the waste is collected by hand, while the rest flows directly to the sea, causing serious marine pollution.

The company expects that the boats will collect up to 280 kilograms of waste per boat per day.

"I'm pleased that Korea and Vietnam can work together to solve climate change and environmental issues. I hope that this campaign becomes successful and spreads throughout Vietnam," said Nguyen Thi Thien Phuong, director general of the Department of Science, Technology and International Relations at the Vietnam Environment Administration.

Hanwha Group has been deepening its CSR activities in Vietnam, which it considers a strategic market for global expansion. In addition to donating the boats, the company has also carried out digital campaigns to educate local residents about eco-friendly energy sources.

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