The Physical And Chemical Properties Of Ferrosilicon

  • Monday, September 30, 2019

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[Fellow]Ferrosilicon is a toxic, irritant and combustible substance.
[Ferro-Alloys.comFerrosilicon is a common ferroalloy product. A large proportion of global ferrosilicon suppliers are in China. The specifications of the products provided by Chinese ferrosilicon manufacturers are all. And the quality is good, the price is low, and it is welcomed by customers all over the world.
The main components of ferrosilicon are silicon and iron. The ratio of the two chemical combinations is different. This gives ferrosilicon a different specification.
Ferroalloys typically contain 15% to 90% Si. Common Si contents on the market are 15%, 45%, 65%, 75% and 90%, respectively. The rest is Fe. Contains about 2% of other elements such as aluminum (Al) and calcium (Ca).
Physical and chemical properties of ferrosilicon:
Appearance: The shape of the ferrosilicon powder particles may be spherical or irregular. Such as block, crush or grind.
Color: The color of ferrosilicon varies between silver grey and dark gray.
Odor: odorless; dangerous when inhaled.
Specific Gravity: The specific gravity of ferrosilicon varies with the ratio of the two chemicals mixed. For FeSi 75, the specific gravity was 3.01.
Flammability: The dust particles of ferrosilicon are flammable.
Solubility: Ferrosilicon can react with water to form hydrogen.
Boiling point: The boiling point of this material is 2355 °C.
Molecular weight: The molecular weight of the alloy was 28.0855 g / mol.
Corrosive: Corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
Density: The density of ferrosilicon is different for different proportions of alloy composition.
 The density of FeSi 45 is 5.1 g / cm 3 .
 The density of FeSi 75 was 2.8 g / cm 3 .
 The density of FeSi 90 is 2.4 g / cm 3 .
Melting point: The melting point of the material varies with the silicon content.
 FeSi 45 contains 45% silicon with a melting point in the range of 1215 ° C and 1300 ° C.
 FeSi 75 contains 75% silicon with a melting point ranging from 1210 ° C to 1315 ° C.
 FeSi 90 contains 90% silicon and has a melting point in the range of 1210 ° C to 1380 ° C.
Looking at the physical and chemical properties of ferrosilicon above, we found that:
Ferrosilicon is a toxic, irritant and combustible substance. The alloy can be hazardous to human health. However, under certain conditions this material can also catch fire.
So,it is thus important to adhere to adequate protective measures while dealing with this substance.
The ideal reduction reaction during the production of Fe-Si silicon is SiO 2 + 2C = Si + 2CO.
In the presence of iron, silica (SiO 2 ) or sand is reduced with coke (C) to produce ferrosilicon. A typical source of iron is scrap iron or gravel.
Ferrosilicon is commonly used in steelmaking deoxidizers. Ferrosilicon is the basis for the manufacture of prefabricated alloys. Such as ferro silicon magnesium (MgFeSi), used to produce ductile iron. It can also be used as an ferro silicon barium inoculant. (wanhua)
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