Crude steel production in Hebei up by 3.7% YoY from January to February

  • Monday, March 23, 2020

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[Fellow]Crude steel production up by 3.7% YoY from January to February.

[Ferro-Alloys.comStatistics Bureau of Hebei Province released productions of major industrial products on 19, March. From January to February, raw ore volume of iron ore in Hebei was 45.583 million tons, up by 3.8% YoY; and crude steel production was 38.699 million tons, up by 3.7% YoY. (Translated by editor)

Commodity Jan.-Feb.
Production Range(%)
 Raw ore volume of iron ore(10000' tons) 4558.3 3.8
Pig iron (10000' tons) 3707.3 5.3
Crude steel (10000' tons) 3869.9  3.7
Steel products (10000' tons) 4166.8 0.1 

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