Chinese Yuan appreciated over 2%

  • Tuesday, January 05, 2021

  • Keywords:Chinese Yuan, currency exchange rate
[Fellow]Chinese yuan appreciated over 2% since last week, and the trend is upward further, and today almost broken 6.4yuan by one dollar. Why ? News:  On Jan 5, Chinese Currency Yuan keep invaluating and reached  to 1USD:6.44 RMB, sharply went up from 6.53 from Jan 1st, this is the highest increased since 2018.
Why Chinese Currency invaluated than  all other curencies ? Analysts said: that is strongly supported by Chinese encomy developed ,which it will be about over  2% GDP growth in 2020, and demands from all industries are very strong, and China has good method to control COV-19 epedemic comparing with other countries. and that attracted all money flew into Chinese fianancial market.
Bulk commodities, like Iron ore, Coke and Coal, alloys and Steels, the future and spot prices of all those commodities were growing up over 5% during last 2 months.
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