Nanshan Aluminum has made new breakthroughs

  • Monday, January 11, 2021

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[Fellow]Nanshan Aluminum has made new breakthroughs, the A320/321 upper and lower side brace forgings developed by Nanshan Aluminum Forging Co., Ltd. have been successfully trial-produced, and have been approved by the French Safran Materials Laboratory, and have begun mass production.

The successful trial production of side brace forgings is the result of Nanshan Aluminum's meticulous research and development and operation, and it is also a full manifestation of the company's always attaching importance to technology and perfecting the level of quality monitoring and testing. The successful trial production of the side brace can greatly enhance the credibility of the forging company's products, the brand influence and the product's market share in the domestic and foreign markets.

From the signing of the contract between the two parties to the successful trial production of the first piece, Nanshan Aluminum has gone through multiple links such as review, research, and testing in the two years. Product requirements.

As a high-end manufacturing company, Nanshan Aluminum will deepen its innovation drive in the next step and continue to increase the research and development of high value-added products. In the future, it will take "becoming a global supplier of die forgings for high-end industries such as aviation and gas turbines" as its development goal to comprehensively enhance the company's market position in the industry.

It is reported that Safran Group is a high-tech multinational group company, a world-class aero engine and equipment manufacturer, and one of the world's top 500 companies. In order to complete the trial production task, the company carefully planned, implemented responsibilities and strictly implemented it. All employees actively cooperated with firm belief and high sense of responsibility to ensure the smooth completion of the trial production task.

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