China's container ports are becoming more competitive

  • Monday, February 22, 2021

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[Fellow]China's central position in Global trade has been further strengthened in 2020. Although the epidemic has more or less affected the supply chain, China's major container hub ports continue to achieve record volume growth.
  China's central position in Global trade has been further strengthened in 2020. Although the epidemic has more or less affected the supply chain, China's major container hub ports continue to achieve record volume growth.
  Among the 25 ports with the highest container throughput in the world in 2020 released by alphaliner, although the throughput of some second tier ports in China has indeed declined, Chinese ports still occupy 6 of the top 8. Alphaliner pointed out: "with the vigorous development of trans Pacific trade, Qingdao port has risen to the sixth place this year, while Shanghai port, which ranks first, is further ahead of its nearest competitor, Singapore, and the leading edge has increased by nearly 10% to 6.7 million TEU."
  According to public data, the throughput of Shanghai port increased to 43.5 million TEU in 2020, while that of Singapore was 36.9 million TEU, a year-on-year decrease of 0.9%. The analyst estimates that Shanghai will continue to maintain its position as the world's largest container port in 2020 and surpass Singapore. In the past year, the throughput of Shanghai port increased by 0.5%, while that of Ningbo Zhoushan, Shenzhen, Qingdao and Tianjin ports increased by 4.4%, 3%, 4.7% and 6.1% respectively.
  Alphaliner said the overall growth of the world's 25 largest container ports in 2020 was "flat to slightly positive" despite the impact of the coronavirus. The total throughput of the top 25 container ports was 395.7 million TEU, up 0.55% from 393.5 million TEU in 2019. "The increase in throughput at the 13 ports on the list - seven in China and two in the United States - reflects strong consumer demand during the epidemic," the report said. Among the top 25 ports, Tanger Med has the highest overall growth rate of 20%. Since 2018, its ranking has risen rapidly, ranking 48th in number. On the contrary, in 2020, the throughput of 12 ports including Jakarta, Kaohsiung, Columbo and Laem Chabang decreased, and the trading volume of Hong Kong decreased by nearly 2%. In fact, although China's larger ports consolidate their position, China currently has only nine ports in the top 25 - compared with 11 two years ago. In addition, China also plans to merge more ports to enhance its core competitiveness - such as the merger and reorganization of Dalian port and Yingkou port. "
  In 2020, China's GDP will break through the 100 trillion yuan mark for the first time, and China's economy will reach a new level. Entering a new stage of development, we need to sum up our experience and forge ahead to ensure a good first step in building a new development pattern and to see a new atmosphere. From today on, this edition will launch a series of reviews to witness the warmth and vitality of China's economy everywhere through production, distribution, circulation, consumption and other links, praise the outstanding achievements and encourage the new journey.
  We should recognize changes accurately, respond scientifically and seek changes actively. We should seek certainty in the uncertainty of foreign trade and make extraordinary achievements in extraordinary years. As long as the door of opening is opened wider and wider, we can consolidate our advantages in foreign trade, expand our development space, and promote China's economy to seize the first opportunity and create more brilliance with the virtuous interaction of domestic and international double circulation.
In Shanghai Yangshan Deep Water Port Phase IV, the operator of the bridge crane on the 15th floor tower faces the screen and gently moves the rocker to accurately lift and steadily put down the containers on the storage yard hundreds of meters away. Affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia, Shanghai port container throughput dropped 8.4% from January 2020 to April, which was worrying. Now, in the world's largest unmanned automated terminal, busyness has become the norm again. In 2020, the container throughput of Shanghai port will reach a new peak of 43.5 million TEUs, drawing a beautiful "V" shape.
  Not only in Shanghai, from Ningbo to Tianjin, from Qingdao to Dalian, container terminals are booming in many major ports in China. Not only on the sea, but also on the land, containers also usher in the peak of foreign trade. In 2020, the China Europe train will break through the "ten thousand train" barrier and continuously transport epidemic prevention materials, auto parts, electronic products, etc. produced in China to foreign countries. Ocean shipping market prices continued to rise, driving up the export container transport market composite index. In the middle of January this year, China's export container freight rate index has reached 1863.84 points, more than 1000 points higher than the average value in May 2020. "In the first half of last year, I was still worried about the mountain of boxes piled up, and now there are not enough trucks to pull containers", which has become a working portrayal of container manufacturers all over the world.
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