MACA marks the expansion potential of the China-Australia iron ore project

  • Monday, February 22, 2021

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[Fellow]MACA marks the expansion potential of the China-Australia iron ore project will receive a three-year extension project for CITIC PaCIFic Mining's Sino Iron business in Cape Preston, Western Australia.

The contract for Preston Point comes from Mining West, which is part of the Downer Mining Division acquired by MACA in December last year.

According to MACA, the final contract has yet to be finalized.

MACA also believes that other Western Australian customers that have previously had business dealings with Western Australian mining also have growth potential.

This includes Anshan Iron and Steel's Carrara iron ore project, the Gruyere gold joint venture between Jintian Company and Golden Road Resources Co., Ltd., and the Fortescue Metals Group's Eliwana iron ore project.

Downer’s West Mines business unit was acquired by Maca for US$175 million.

The deal will add 126 products from the mobile factory to the company’s fleet, and approximately 98% of Mining West’s employees will remain at MACA.

MACA won a contract worth more than $3 billion in December, and it is expected that its performance this year will continue to improve.

This will be led by activities in the gold and iron ore industries, which are expected to increase MACA's future business opportunities.

MACA’s 2021 fiscal year revenue is expected to exceed $1.05 billion, most of which have been obtained through contracts.

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