Finnfjord to stop FeSi production for two weeks

  • Tuesday, August 31, 2021

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[Fellow]Based in the north of Norway, Finnfjord operates three furnaces.


Norwegian ferro-silicon producer Finnfjord Smelteverk will stop ferro-silicon production for two weeks in October because of planned maintenance to its three furnaces, a source told Fastmarkets.
The company is stopping output as part of its usual annual overhaul at its operations, although that usually happens in September or earlier in the third quarter. The move comes at a time of record peak prices in European ferro-silicon standard grade, which Finnfjord produces.
"The shutdown will affect all three furnaces, which will be shut down in sequence, with a total loss of around 4,000 tonnes of standard grade ferro-silicon," the source said.
Based in the north of Norway, Finnfjord operates three furnaces - one with the capacity to produce 20,000 tonnes of 75% grade ferro-silicon per year and two with capacities of 40,000 tpy.
Source: Fastmarkets
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