Bismuth continues to rise

  • Friday, February 07, 2014
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[Fellow]Demand and prices for bismuth continued to increas

Demand and prices for bismuth continued to increase this past week as buyers have been actively pursuing material since early January. Prices are presently $9.70-9.80 per lb, compared to $9.60-9.70 per lb the week prior. According to sources, consumers have increased their buying stance since the Chinese market shutdown in observance of their New Year holiday. With growing concern over Fanya’s stockpiling stance, many buyers looked to increase their bismuth supply ahead of expected price gains. Despite the lack of information from within China, US domestic prices are expected to remain on the current upward trend as buying tendencies tighten current supplies. “Inquiries are coming in pretty fast,” said a source. “Some are looking to buy ,and others are just shopping around, but the strain on the market should keep moving prices up.” Small 1-to-3 mt transactions we indicated between $9.75 and $9.80 per lb, while higher quotes were rejected at $9.90 per lb and above. Sources speculated that prices are likely to eclipse the $10 per lb mark in the near-term, as downstream demand should continue to rise throughout the first quarter.

Despite the lack of information from China this past week, increasing replacement costs for Chinese exports will help to further push prices in the coming weeks. “I haven’t seen any new figures out of China,” added a source, “but they will likely be above the $9.30-9.60 per lb level I was offered before the Chinese holiday.” The Fanya Metals Exchange volume remains at 6,072 mt for bismuth, yet increases are expected week-on-week.
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