Chilean Mining Exports Kick off 2014 at Lowest Level Since 2009

  • Thursday, February 13, 2014
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[] Chilean mining exports in January reached US$2.65bn, a 31.4% decline compared to January 2013 and the lowest figure for the first month of the year since 2009, new central bank figures show.
Chilean copper exports in January decreased 34% to US$2.30bn compared to US$3.49bn recorded in January last year.
The biggest decline was in exports of copper cathodes, down 44% to US$970mn in exports compared to US$1.74bn recorded in January 2012. Concentrates exports saw a 12% increase to US$1.22bn in the same comparison.
Chile's other mining exports listed in the central bank figures include iron (up 35% to US$192mn year-on-year), silver (down 93% to US$7mn), gold (down 34.5% to US$95mn), molybdenum (up 150% to US$15mn), lithium (steady at US$15mn) and salt (up 7.7% to US$14mn).
Chile's mining exports in 2013 reached US$44.3bn. (Source: Business News Americas )
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