Air pollution contributing to steel components in capital

  • Monday, October 08, 2018

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[Fellow] pollution contributing to steel components in capital


                                                     Air pollution contributing to steel components in capital


The national government has conceded that mechanical units in the administrative capital, particularly steel makers, are a prime source of contamination. Without them, the city could be considered as a standout amongst the most delightful government capitals in the world.

This was unveiled by the Ministry of Climate Change in a composed reaction submitted to an inquiry by an administrator in the upper place of parliament lately. The service said that there were an aggregate of 185 modern units in the assigned mechanical regions of the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), including Sector I-9, Sector I-10 and the Industrial Triangle Kahuta (ITK). Of these, 35 were steel re-moving units.

"A foremost basis of air contamination in the federal capital is the steel units," the service expressed in its reaction, including, "[These units] are frequently checked by the Pakistan-Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA).

" Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) Senator Mian Ateeq Shaikh had requested that the service should inform the house about the condition of air quality in the capital, regardless of whether smoke transmitted by various manufacturing plants in ICT was expanding step by step and the move made so far against them. Accordingly, the service recorded a composed answer. The administration said that in one of the past sittings of the upper house, the observing group — which particularly screens steel furnaces and steel re-rolling plants in the capital — had noticed that various units were working disregarding the National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS) since they have not introduced air pollution control devices.

In such manner, the service revealed that they had examined 19 steel units in Sector I-9 and I-10 and the ITK between July 3 and July 5, 2018.


The assessment was directed to check the status of environmental consistence. Following the audit, steel mechanical units were encouraged to entirely consent to the NEQS.


Additionally, the Pak-EPA had sealed four steel furnaces and re-rolling factories for not conforming to the June 30, 2018, requests of the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SC).

The Pak-EPA had issued Environmental Protection Orders (EPO) to the plants and forced fine of Rs5 million on each mechanical unit.


The industrial units sealed incorporate Pak-Iron Re-Rolling and Furnace Steel in Sector I-9/2, Mustehkam Steel Mills (heater) in Sector I-9/2, Siddiqui Steel Mills (heater) in Sector I-9/2 and the Karachi Steel (KSR) in Sector I-10.

Aside from these steel units, the service said that there were 185 other mechanical units working in the ICT. These incorporate flour factories, sustenance and refreshment makers, marble businesses, oil and ghee makers, cleanser and cleanser producers, plastic ventures, material enterprises, pharmaceutical organizations, electric and designing and others.


In addition, the zenith court in its August request in a human rights case had communicated its disappointment with the level of ecological contamination in the government capital.


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