In 2020, the net profit will increase substantially, and Angang Group will make great efforts to promote the market-oriented reform with remarkable results

  • Monday, January 18, 2021

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[Fellow]For Anshan Iron and Steel Group, 2020 is the key year to push forward market-oriented reform.


  For Anshan Iron and Steel Group, 2020 is the key year to push forward market-oriented reform. Anshan Iron and Steel Group's headquarter has been authorized to give priority to decentralization, the market-oriented reform mechanism has been continuously improved, the "five ones" have been implemented, the "Chaoyang iron and steel experience" has been further promoted, and the three-year action of reform has promoted the reform in depth.

  Empowering and delegating power to make good reform

  Market-oriented reform is the starting point and final goal of deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises. In 2020, Anshan Iron and Steel Group will grasp the core of market-oriented reform, adhere to the principle of "putting down the power, raising the vitality and efficiency", and take authorization and decentralization as the breakthrough to play a good "first hand" in market-oriented reform.

  We should not only put down power, but also manage it well. At the same time, Anshan Iron and Steel Group adheres to the unity of responsibility, power and interest, and the combination of "release, management and service", effectively strengthens the supervision during and after the event, and constructs the full cycle authorization management system of "power list - performance specification - exercise evaluation - dynamic adjustment", so as to ensure the accurate, standardized and efficient exercise of power.

  Mechanism construction leads to reform

  The market-oriented management mechanism is an effective guarantee to promote the market-oriented allocation of resource elements and stimulate the internal vitality of market subjects. In 2020, Anshan Iron and Steel Group will fully follow the law of market economy and enterprise development, closely focus on stimulating vitality and improving efficiency, deepen the reform of market-oriented operation mechanism, and stimulate the operation vitality of every micro subject. 

   Implementing "five ones" from pilot breakthrough to comprehensive action

  The profit has reached 129% in 2020, the cumulative sales profit rate has reached the seventh in the industry, and the cost of iron and steel products has all entered the top six in the industry Chaoyang iron and steel.

  In the first 11 months of 2020, the company will achieve a profit of 3.65 million yuan, ending 23 consecutive years of losses; Angang International Trade Co., Ltd. will highlight the guidance of performance distribution and increase the incentive of external market development, resulting in an external market efficiency of 78.93 million yuan in the first 11 months of 2020, 40% higher than the target plan.

  Three-year action to promote reform in depth

  Focusing on the three-year action of reform, Angang Group has clearly put forward six reform goals: more mature group strategic management and control system, more perfect modern enterprise system, more flexible and efficient market-oriented operation mechanism, more scientific and reasonable layout structure, more powerful innovation and development power, and stronger party leadership. We need to implement specific responsible persons to ensure the solid and effective implementation of various reforms. By the end of 2020, the reform task has been fully launched, and positive progress and results have been achieved.


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