Foreign steel imports restricted by Turkey in reaction to US metal tariffs

  • Tuesday, October 09, 2018

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[Fellow]; Foreign steel imports restricted by Turkey in reaction to US metal tariffs

                                 Foreign steel imports restricted by Turkey in reaction to US metal tariffs


Turkey has told the World Trade Organization it intends to force steel import quotas from October 17 to secure the local steel industry. Recently, the United States multiplied the already forced import taxes on Turkish aluminum and steel to 20 percent and 50 percent, individually.

A trade dispute among Ankara and Washington has been extending since March, when US President Donald Trump at first presented the 10 and 25 percent obligations on imports of aluminum and steel, separately, from America's trade accomplices, including Turkey. Ankara has called the levies unsuitable and vowed to take retaliatory measures. The Turkish Trade Ministry said US additional taxes were against the WTO rules. In a recording distributed by WTO, Ankara said "These defensive approaches have been unanticipated advancements straightforwardly influencing the measure of imports of the product concerned into Turkey."

It has clarified: "Turkey has been an alluring business sector for these steel items that are liable to [an] expanding number of defensive measures. In this way, the measures that have been started to be connected overall … have set off an expansion of imports of the items worried into Turkey." As indicated by the documenting, the portion for level items was set at 3.1 million tons, not as much as a large portion of the 8.4 million tons that Turkey imported in 2017. For long items, the share was 558,534 tons, contrasted with 2017 imports of 1.3 million tons.

The share for channels and tubes was set at 273,901 tons, for treated steel at 139,934 tons, and for railway material at 27,044 tons - all not as much as a large portion of the 2017 import volume. The quantities don't make a difference to hot-rolled stainless steel since it isn't delivered in Turkey. Ankara isn't the first to record a WTO dissension over the US trade rehearses. The European Union, Canada, China, and Russia, have likewise challenged the import levies.

Under WTO tenets, Ankara and Washington presently have 60 days to settle the debate through arrangements. On the off chance that they fall flat, the WTO may issue a decision on the issue.

Insights from the Turkish Steel Exporters' Association demonstrated the nation's steel exports were esteemed at $11.5 billion a year ago, representing 7.3 percent of its aggregate exports worth $157 billion. The United States was the top importer of Turkish steel, buying some $1.1 billion worth of the metal.


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